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My name is Arran Hodgkinson. I live in Scotland and have done since I was born (other than the few years that i lived in Bangladesh and India).

I am very keen on music, being a musician my self. I play the piano as a leisure activity and mainly because I find it pleasing and relaxing. I have a highly eclectic taste in music, liking; classical, rock, metal, dance, rap, classic rock, and having an overall appreciation for musical talent. The best band that I have ever seen play a live venue was Avenged Sevenfold. They played the SECC with Stone Sour but they genuinely blew me away. I would recommend the experience to any music fan. Unbelievable!

I am very interested and keen on physics, studying advanced higher mathematics and physics this year and hoping to go on and study physics or engineering at university level. I would guess that my passion extend from a lifetime full of asking the question “why?”. I love to know what makes things happen and being able to explain such things to other people thrills me. I am quite naturally gifted at mathematics which also helps (given that a large percentage of physics involves mathematics). On the other hand, i also enjoy writing. I recently took up poetry and have had one of my poems published which i am rather proud of. I intend to publish some of my poetry on my blog and any comments, good or bad, would be appreciated.

I am also planning to get more fit as my sporting side dwindles in 2010. It shall soon leap over into 2012 to join me though. I partake in karate, which keeps me quite agile but I fear that i may have to give up due to non-professionalism on my coaches part.

That is a very brief summary of my life currently. Hope you enjoy the blog. . .


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