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Happy New Year

Happy new year to everyone and here’s hoping for a new year full of wonder, discoveries, and joy. For what would remain for the world, if it forfeits happiness?

This past year has been truly amazing in so many ways. It has brought with its dawn, so many lessons to be learned; people to meet; experiences to experience, and with its dusk, closed those lessons and set the stage for a new chapter in life’s novella.

I have experienced both the good times and the bad sides of humanity first hand: the had represented through the selfish hand of.the capitalist society and the greed of humanity. Most importantly though, the good; for when one hand strikes the weak, there are several more to help him to his feet. People are inherently good unless they a red forced otherwise. All that humanity needs is a helping hand to stay on the true path and the path shall lead the way. Any fork that we reach presents us with only two good choices; it is what you do with the choice that makes someone good or bad.

I aim to leave you with a message of hope for the new year. Stay true to the path of goodness and honesty and the path will treat you with a mutual generosity. Human kind wants only success and wellbeing for its fellow humans. Cherish that thought and remember that one act of kindness can change a person’s life.

Happy New Year everybody!